This Thanksgiving I wasn’t able to go home to spend the holiday with my family in California. Instead, a group of about 2o of my friends got together and had a “Friendsgiving”. It was an absolute success with more people and food than I have ever had at a traditional Thanksgiving. I took on the responsibility of making the turkey. I have never cooked a turkey or entire bird, ever, so I saw this as a challenge and little bit of an adventure. I decided to do an overnight brine with vegetable stock and spices. The following day I roasted the turkey for several hours and the final results was wonderful! Of course, there was one minor issue. The oven was somehow set to broil instead of bake for the first 15 minutes so our bird did get a little more color than expected. But in the end, it turned out beautiful and it was delicious. Friendsgiving  may be one of my favorite holidays now!