As summer is coming to an end, so is our summer garden. With the last of our tomatoes (a lot of which have split open and aren’t very appetizing) I decided to make some fresh marina sauce in the slow cooker. I used up the last of all our different types of tomatoes and peppers and then added the usual onion, garlic and herbs. I slow cooked this for about 6 hours. Im sure longer would’ve been better but it smelled delicious and I just couldn’t wait. My grandma gave me this awesome old school pasta machine and what would go better with fresh marina than fresh from scratch pasta? The pasta turned out amazing, the sauce was delicious and I got to enjoy it with the company of some great friends. My only complaint would be that I just didn’t make enough sauce. In the future, I think ill make more sauce and freeze it for those winter days when I’m really missing my summer veggie garden!